Soler-34 Mororsailer ? Why not only MacGregor !

The first and base boat in my new project of Soler Yachts series was the Soler-34 MS (Motor Sailer). Why start with motorsailer ? The reasons are simple, our boat company Velero Marin in St.Petersburg (Russia) already about 10 years the dealer of various motorsailers - MacGregor, Odin, Imexus, Sunhorse, Vita. Some of them stopped the production, but the MacGregor is still very healthy on the market. So, the owners of production small motorsailers, mostly owners of MacGregors, after some years of studying the cruising with their first boat, logically wanted to go further to bigger boat with similar options of both world - sailing and motoring, but .... no such boats on the market.
From other side the hull forms of modern fast boats with wide beam aft and narrow entry bow is good for surfing downwind with 10-20 knots in proper conditions. Also the modern outboard motors become more powerful and light. I thought why not combine such good things in one boat and also add the pilothouse, or deck salon, as they call it now in mainstream boats (however they are not deck salon at all).
Then I collected the information and prepared the concept information for further step, to design the boat. The right design team is key in success of any project.
I contacted with various designers from different countries, some of them were very busy, another expensive, but most of them were simply Conservative.
And I was lucky when contacted with Barcelona based design team of Ricardo Teixido and Tim Harrold. Ricardo gave the long term experience in design, boatbuilding and knowledge of composite materials. Tim, originated from New Zealand yachting, added the very fresh, young and creative impression into the project of Soler Yachts. 
So, the first Soler-34 MS was born as below:

What we have:
- easy building method with composite materials at moderate price.
- lifting keel and rudders for approaching to river or sea beaches or dry-out.
- light boat with powerful outboard 130 h.p. and mooring speed about 15-18 knots.
- speed allow quickly to come back to port in case of storm weather or other needs.
- pilothouse for protection from element and round visibility
- modern and moderate rig and sail for easy handling by cruisers.
- rather big fuel and water tanks for longer cruising.

Not so bad for the cruising boat and with price tag just about 100K euro. So, I hope that owners of motorsailers, including the old good boats, such as LM-32, Fisher-30 and Degero, will have the choice with this new Soler-34 MS on the market.
One of the advantages of this project Soler Yachts is the ability to make any changes in the boat, as we do not use the expensive moulds for this.

The Fast Sailer will follow in next post. Good luck !

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